The Features...

No Set-up Fee:
EsoSoft does not charge a set-up fee for our Web Hosting service.

32GB of Disk Space:
Each Basic Web Hosting account comes with 32GB of disk space.

On-Line Account Manager:
EsoSoft's On-Line Account Manager allows you to add, edit, delete any and all of the e-mail settings for your account. Need a new POP/IMAP Account? Set it up in less than a minute. Want an autoresponder? Easily configure one instantly. Like to give your friend an address @yourdomain? Have it working in a heartbeat.

1000 Multi-Purpose E-mail Addresses:
EsoSoft's Basic Web Hosting service comes with 1000 Multi-Purpose E-mail Addresses. You can choose and/or change the e-mail addresses at any time.

Each Multi-Purpose E-mail Address can be configured as a POP/IMAP Account, an Autoresponder, a Group Forwarding E-mail Alias - or any combination of the three!

A POP/IMAP Account is an e-mail address that stores mail on the server for direct download. An Autoresponder is an e-mail address that replies instantly to e-mail which it receives with a message that you have defined. A Group Forwarding E-mail Alias is an e-mail address that will forward mail which it receives to multiple e-mail addresses.

Unlimited Forwarding E-mail Aliases:
Basic Web Hosting includes unlimited forwarding e-mail addresses. You select the e-mail address at your domain that you'd like to use, you select the forward-to e-mail address. You can create as many as you like. Give all your friends an e-mail address with your domain!

More than just a "spam filter", SpamAssassin is intelligent anti-spam technology! SpamAssassin is so good, it was featured on Good Morning America.

Turn SpamAssassin on via the on-line Account Manager and never be bothered by spam again. Each incoming e-mail is given a point value based on tell-tale signs of spam. If the incoming e-mail receives a pre-determined number of points, it is marked as spam.

Via EsoSoft's Account Manager, you set the number of points needed for an e-mail to be considered spam. You also tell the server what it should do with e-mail marked as spam. The e-mail can be deleted on the spot, delivered to an e-mail address of your choosing or delivered to the original destination (but marked as spam).

Your Own CGI Bin:
Each Basic Web Hosting account includes a cgi-bin directory. This is where you would place interactive programs for your site. (Interactive programs - such as Guestbooks, Rotating Ads, WWW Live Chat, Form-Mail, etc.) You can use all of these and more on your pages. If you are familiar with programming, you can even create and run your own interactive cgi scripts.

SSI, PHP4/PHP5 and MIVA Support:
Each Basic Web Hosting account supports Server Side Includes (SSI), PHP4/PHP5 and MIVA (HTMLScript).

Microsoft FrontPage Extensions:
FrontPage is the leading Web site creation and management program. It's a 'What You See Is What You Get' editor. You just write your web pages as you would in Word (or any text editor) and if you press save they will be automatically saved on our server.

No need to bother using FTP or uploading graphics and using correct links for your images. FrontPage does this and more for you. EsoSoft highly recommends FrontPage.

EsoSoft servers run latest Microsoft FrontPage version 2003 Server Extensions. Earlier versions of FrontPage (FrontPage 2000/2002 for instance) are fully supported by FrontPage 2003.

MySQL Database:
A MySQL database can be added to your Basic Web Hosting account at no additional charge. We'll even install phpMyAdmin so that you can easily manage the database!

On-Line Web Stats:
On-line statistics for the traffic to your web site can be added to your Basic Web Hosting account at no additional charge. Simply request the feature in the space provided on the Basic Web Hosting sign-up form.

EsoSoft uses Webalizer to create and manage the statistics for your site. You can view an example of the Webalizer reports (in use by an actual EsoSoft customer) at:

Be sure to click on each month for detailed information.

Your statistics would be password protected, of course. The above customer has given us permission to share her site's information with you.

No Transfer Limits:
A "transfer" occurs when someone visits your web site. The data, including text and images, must be transferred to the browser of the visitor.

Many other providers set transfer limits and then charge the customer (you) extra if that limit is exceeded. We feel it is unfair to charge our customers for items that they cannot control or calculate.

Simply put, EsoSoft puts no artificial limits on your Basic Web Hosting account and you will never be charged for having "too many visitors". Please see our Unlimited Bandwidth Policy.

FTP Account with Unlimited Updates:
With EsoSoft's Basic Web Hosting, you'll have your own FTP (File Transfer Protocol) account. Use FTP to upload your web pages to the server. You can update your pages 24 hours a day, 365 days a year and as often as you like.

Ultra-fast fiber-optic (OC3) connections:
Traffic to and from our web servers travels over our redundant, ultra-fast, fiber-optic connections.

Commercial Use is Allowed:
Many of our customers use their web sites for commercial purposes. You can too! As one example, you could place banner-ads on your pages and charge the advertiser for the advertising space and service.

Password Protected Pages:
You can create password protected areas of your web site. If you use FrontPage, you can do this by creating a sub-web with unique permissions. If you do not use FrontPage, our Service & Support Team will be happy to set-up password protection for you.

Raw Log File Option:
If you use your own web statistics reporting program and need the raw log files from your site, the server can copy and compress the files each day (storing them at your site for retrieval). Please note that these files will count toward your available disk space.

Free E-mail Forwarding Service:
The e-mail forwarding service will allow you to forward all mail sent to your domain name to another e-mail account. For instance, to your CompuServe, AOL or MSN account - or to any valid e-mail address. The sender of the e-mail is not aware that his/her mail is being forwarded.

Ready-to-Use System Wide CGI Scripts:
Several system-wide cgi scripts are available for your use, some of which cannot be found on the Internet without cost.

Secure Server Available (extra charge applies:
The Secure Server (SSL) Option can be installed for your account. The secure server is useful for e-commerce or if your customers will submit their payment (credit card) information over the Internet. The complete traffic between your customer and our web server will be encrypted so that other people can not see the information which is transmitted.

With the Secure Server (SSL) Option, EsoSoft will make a special domain name available to you (  With that domain name, you will not need to obtain your own secure server certificate.

There is an additional $10.00 set-up fee for the Secure Server (SSL) Option as well as an additional $5.00 charge per month.

Free Unlimited E-Mail Support:
EsoSoft has an excellent Service & Support Team! Only real people answer inquiries at EsoSoft. This ensures that customers receive personal and step by step assistance. At EsoSoft, all of our terrific support is provided free of charge and handled conveniently via e-mail.