Example Payment Schedule...

The monthly price is $8.95.
With our discount plans, your average monthly cost can be as little as $6.72!

Payment Period:

  Monthly1 Quarterly1 Semi-Annual Annual Bi-Annual

Total Due2 Each Payment Period:

  $8.95 $26.85 $49.22 $89.50 $161.10

Average Cost per Month:

  $8.95 $8.95 $8.21 $7.46 $6.72

1 Monthly and Quarterly Payments are available only by credit card. Charges are processed to your credit card on file automatically each month or each quarter.
2 Prices in this row assume that you have only the Basic Web Hosting service and no "add-ons" (such as our Secure Server Option). Any add-on services also receive the same discounts.